First Purchase – Jump Leads and Battery Conditioner

I have been driving the TVR regularly to ensure the battery is kept topped up but now the snow has arrived. I took the TVR out for a drive once and found out it is quite terrifying. The huge torque from low down makes the car oversteer very easily which is to be expected. What I was not expecting was the ‘crabbing’ the car seems to side step sometimes which is very odd.


Time to purchase a battery conditioner and a set of decent jump leads should the battery go flat. Looking through the history file of the car I note that a previous owner had a replacement ECU fitted as a result of ‘contact with jump leads’. The ECU on the Griff is located on top of the battery in the footwell of the car.

After speaking with my local TVR specialist, Simon at Leven Technology in Basildon he informed me that the later ‘T’ cars have jump lead socket fitted called an Anderson connector. I arranged for the Griff to be booked in and have the Anderson connector fitted.

The Anderson connector was fitted to the chassis rail in the engine compartment next to the expansion bottle. I also purhchased a set of his heavy duty jump leads, and Accumate battery conditioner and an Anderson adapter of the Accumate.




One comment

  1. Hello Matthew, thanks for suggestions….I have recently bought a Griffith and, I am in Paris, few days in the garage, and the battery (almost) gone. Still working the basics when I turn the key, but no engine. I am going to look for a starter, as the car is in a narrow -2 floor garage! May be a future relacation with a better battery? I have to travel to Milan, Italy, end december…!

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