The Griff is currently standard specification with the factory standard exhaust. After attending a number of TVRCC meets I realise that my car is very quiet in comparison to other TVRs. I have always loved the sound of the 4.3 Precat Griff and my 500 in comparison sounds muted.

Exhausts are subjective to personal taste and what may sound perfect to one person could be seen by another as just noise. Just from my local TVR meets I quickly learned that some exhaust in my opinion sounded very nice and others perhaps not so.

My first point of call was YouTube to watch as many videos as possible to get an idea of the different systems and modifications out there and to get a better idea of what I liked.

ACT Development Car


Nick Simpson’s TVR Chimaera


Dave’s TVR Griffith (before and after Offord Mod)


Dave’s TVR Griffith (before and after decat)


Ballistic Banana’s TVR Griffith (decat + sleeved exhaust)


Videos gave me a good idea but the only way to really find out is to have a listen to the various systems personally. I put out a post on PistonHeads and contacted a few owners via YouTube and arranged to meet up.

After many kind owners had taken me out for a spin in their cars I had a good idea of what I liked and what I didn’t like…

  • I didn’t like the sleeved exhaust either with the cats in or out, it sounded a bit agricultural for my liking.
  • I did quite like the Offord mod which is sleeved but the wadding left in.
  • I did not like the sound of decat where the big dustbin cat had been hollowed out to create a decat.
  • I did like the sound of decat with either the Clive Ford decat Y piece or ACT Y piece.
  • I very much liked the sound of the ACT Cherry bomb exhaust with the ACT manifolds.
  • I also very much liked the sound of the standard back box with decat.

I decided upon purchasing an ACT cherry bomb exhaust back box with the intention purchasing Clive Ford’s decat Y piece and the ACT replica manifolds at a later date.


ACT Cherry bomb

While the exhaust was off it was a good opportunity to change the tired looking rear drop links for new upgraded items. The drop links supplied by Leven Technology really are a work of art and were fitted at the same time as the exhaust.

Leven Rear Drop Links

Fitted to the car:

ACT Cherry Bomb Fitted

Time to save up for the new manifolds and Y piece.



    1. Roy, your Cerebra and all TVR RV8s have exhaust notes better than most Ferrari’s imop. Sorry Ferrari boyos your exhaust note sounds like ripping calico or velcro !! Our nice (feisty!) neighbour, she likes the sonorous exhaust of our decat Griff 500. Best at 2000rpm.

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