Cooling System

After being stuck in heavy traffic on the M25 a couple of times this month in the hot weather I have noticed that the cooling system is perhaps not as efficient as it could be. Most cars I have owned keep to around 90 degrees, where as the TVR in the hot weather the radiator fans seem to be on constantly and the temperature creeps up. Being stuck in traffic on a hot day is not the most pleasant experience in a Griff with the heavy clutch and gearbox coupled with the low speed shunting and cabin heat, just when you think things cannot get any worse the radiator fans kick in and blow hot air over the bonnet and into the cabin.

I took the car down to Leven Technology and spoke with Simon about the problem. Simon inspected the cooling system and reported that the hoses look original and where starting to perish, the pipes where starting the rust and the quite a few of the radiator fins where missing especially at the bottom.

Simon and I agreed that the best way forward would be to replace the hoses, pipes and radiator with upgraded items from ACT Performance Products. Stainless Steel water pipes, silicone hoses and a Radtec 4 core aluminum radiator were purchased to replace the aging OE items.

ACT Hoses

Radtec Racing Rad

After a day a at Leven with Simon the new radiator, stainless steel pipes and hoses where all fitted. I was very pleased with the quality of the ACT Products and Simon did an excellent job fitting them.

2010-06-25 TVR Engine Bay (1)

2010-06-25 TVR Engine Bay (2)



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