12k Service at Leven Technology

The Griff had a full 12k service at X-Works in Blackpool as part of the sale from James at TVR MADS. The TVR servicing schedule recommends a 12k service every year and if the car does over 6k a year then an interim 6k service 6months after the 12k. I have only driven 4000 miles since the last service so no need for the interim service.

Over the past year of TVR ownership I have found Simon and Jools at Leven Technology very helpful and have been impressed with the standard of workmanship. In addition to the usual 12k service, MOT and waxoyl I had the following extras seen to:

  • Driveshaft boots replaced
  • Sump Gasket replaced
  • Heater recirculation fixed
  • Leven refurbished badges fitted

Unfortunately my car was the last car to go through their workshop in Basildon as Simon and Jools have decided to sell up. Thankfully the Leven accessories side of the business it now run by Prestige Performance Cars who have brought many of the old accessories that have been out of stock for many years back into production.

I am very happy with the refurbished badges, they really look the part and a welcome replacement for the old tired badge it replaced:

Leven TVR Nose Badge


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