Blue Rocker Covers

After the fitting of the blue silcone coolant hoses, blue magnecor leads and shiny stainless steel coolant hoses I decided that I would powder coat the rocker covers to match. I wanted to retain the existing TVR purple rocker covers to leave the option return the car to stand specification at a later date.

I purchased from eBay a set of used rover V8 rocker covers from an Rover SD1 Vitesse. The condition of the rockers was not great with most of the paint having flaked off and the Aluminum beginning to oxidise but for £10 not a bad deal.

The rocker covers were taken to my preferred powder coater, Trevor at Maldon Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Ltd. Trevor managed to find almost an exact match for the blue silcone hoses and arranged for the rockers to be refurbished and powder coated. A couple of weeks later I picked up the rockers, as always a really good job.

I was offered the option to have the ribs skimmed when I put the rockers in, I declined this and went for the option of sanding the ribs down myself. This was a mistake as it was very time consuming as powder coating is not very easy to sand through by hand. The amount of sandpaper and masking tape I got through it would probably have been cheaper to have them skimmed.

The end result with the addition of a Leven oil filler cap, RPI chrome flame trap:

Blue Rocker Covers

I just need to fit them now.



  1. Hi there, ring clear covers look awesome. Did you buy new TVR badges for the covers and do you mind me asking where from?? Trying to get some new ones for mine which are currently being polished. Many thanks.

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