Exhaust Manifolds and Y-Piece

As described in my earlier exhaust post after many hours of research and a number of passenger rides in other Griffs I had decided to change the exhaust for an ACT Cherry Bomb sports system.


I had made the decision to remove the pre-cats from my exiting manifolds and have them ceramic coated, once removed and upon inspection the manifolds did not look in great condition. I know a number of owners that have suffered from cracked manifolds recently and although they can be repaired by welding the manifolds are very difficult to remove and re-fit. I was also concerned that I may fork out for ceramic coating only for them to crack shortly thereafter.

The manifolds sold by ACT performance are far superior to the OEM manifold as they are high quality stainless steel as opposed to mild steel. ACT offer two different sets of replacement manifolds:

MS03 Replica Manifolds

The replica manifolds are the same as the originals but made from high quality stainless steel and fit the original Y-piece. They feature improved flanges, modified bore size and internal non reversal cones for better flow

Act manifolds


MS13 Tuned Manifolds

The tuned manifolds are completely redesigned and feature longer primaries which improve BHP and torque. Dyno testing on a standard Griff 500 saw a 20ft/lb increase over the standard system apparently. The system replaces both original manifolds and Y-piece and there is an option for bolt in 200cell cats if required.

ACT manifolds chim, griff 001


Unfortunately my budget did not quite stretch to the tuned manifolds so I went for the replica manifolds.

It made sense to also replace the Y-piece at the same time so that left a choice between the ACT Y-piece and the V8 Enhancements (Clive Ford) Y-piece:

ACT Y-Piece

V8 Enhancements Y-Piece
Clive F Y-Piece 02

I decided on the V8 Enhancements Y-Piece, even though it is more expensive than the ACT version the quality of the welding incredible and as a result is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Manifolds & Y-piece purchased they just need to be fitted now.

On a separate note check out the V8 Enhancement equal length manifolds, massively out of my price range at over 3k and a one off I believe…. a work of art:




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