Rocker Covers, Manifolds and other shiney bits fitted

Having accumulated a number of new parts over the last year I decided it was time to get them fitted. I had the following items to fit:

  •     Blue powder coated rockers and plenum –
  •     Silver powder coated swirl tank
  •     Clevor Trevor alloy PAS tank
  •     ACT Smooth bore AFM to filter pipe
  •     ACT black silicone breather hose
  •     ACT S/S replica exhaust manifolds –
  •     V8 Enhancements (Clive Ford) Y-Piece –
  •     Jonny Zubak Plenum black silicone breather hose
  •     Jonny Zubak Manifold heat shields
  •     Jonny Zubak PAS hoses

Unfortunately my usual TVR specialist Leven Technology in Basildon have closed as Simon and Jools decided to sell up. Thankfully the Leven accessories side of the business it now run by Prestige Performance Cars. After speaking with a number of other owners I decided to take my car to David Batty – The Garage in Guildford. Similar to Leven The Garage is a family run business and David is assisted by his son Darren and his wife Tracy who runs the admin and accounts.

I dropped the car off to David and agreed to pick it up a couple of days later. I was a little nervous about trusting my car to someone else having only ever taken it to Simon at Leven. When I arrived to pick the car up I had a long chat with David who explained exactly what he had done with the car. David very modestly said “I think you may be pleased with the result” …. To say I was impressed would be understatement…..


Engine Bay Before


Engine Bay After

I am very impressed with David Batty, excellent service and very reasonably priced. I will most certainly be taking my car back there.


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