Meta Alarm System Update

I was recently plagued with the infamous TVR ‘hot start’ issue. It normally occurs when attempting to re-start the car shortly after it was stopped in warm conditions (eg. when filling up with petrol). There is a ‘hot start’ kit which offers a kit fix solution boosting power the to starter motor however the root cause of the issue lies with the immobiliser.

Since owning the car I have also noticed that the alarm system does not work properly in that I can start the car with alarm armed and if the doors are opened with the alarm armed the indicators flash but there is no noise from the siren.

I had already met TVR alarm guru Carl Baker at the Growl last year and once at Leven Technology. Carl recommended a full update to the alarm and immobiliser. Carl uses an updated version of the Meta Alarm system which is built specifically for TVRs. The system has the following features:

  • Standardisation of the wiring harness to facilitate a plug and play solution.
  • Ignition key remote combination, with boot release.
  • Longer de-immobilisation entry time.
  • Solution to the hot start issue.
  • 30% increase in energy efficiency.

TVRs were fitted with Meta systems from the factory. Meta are the largest automotive alarm company in the world, their main business is OEM and almost all the big motor manufacturers fit Meta. A good choice it would seem.

I booked the car in with Carl and later that month drove down to his workshop in Petersfield, Hampshire. Carl had the car for a day and completed the system update. When I picked the car up Carl demonstrated how the new system worked. The existing keys had been converted into the new meta fobs, unlike the old system which had a separate key and fob.


Having had the system fitted for just over a month now I have had no issues with hot start and I am finding the remote boot release fantastic. No more pulling up a petrol stations, picking up the pump and realising the boot is still locked so having to get back in the car turn the ignition on and press the button on the dash.


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