Breakdown – Wiring Loom Fault

Unfortunately my Griff developed a problem at the James Staines Memorial Meet in Southend earlier this month. I said I would post up here when the car was back up and running.…

he car was running fine, driving along in convoy and then spluttered and cut out. Many thanks for Dave in the purple chim for coming back to assist and help with swapping various parts from his car to try and fix the problem and Phil from PR Woods for also coming back to assist. Basic roadside testing identified that the fuel pump was not priming and the ECU fault reader was not getting a signal from the ECU.

Phil dropped me off down the seafront so I didn’t miss the meet and offered to either recover the car home or back to his workshop. I decided to get the car recovered back to PR Woods. Phil recovered the car for me after the meet and then dropped me back home… Top service!

The issue was diagnosed as a bad earth connection to the ECU. Here are the two earth wires in question which Phil removed from the loom and replaced:



did notice a strong smell of burning when the car broke down and the failed earth connection and melted wires has confirmed this. In addition to replacing the failed wires in the loom he has also fitted a battery cut off switch so if a similar issue where to occur power could isolated to prevent any further damage and minimise any fire risk.

Excellent service and very reasonably priced. Thanks Phil



  1. Hi Matthew,

    Do you know where these wires are that failed I think I have the same problem currently stuck at a campsite at Le Mans



    1. Hi Ben,

      Mine shorted quite deep in the loom it was the earth to the ECU. I didn’t fix it Phil at PR did but from what I understand part of the dash had to come out. If you do have the same problem you might be lucky and they may have shorted closer to the footwell.

      I take it you have checked all the fuses etc. If you have a multimeter you should be able to find out where the fault lies. Don’t forget the 100A fuse under the car as well that is a common one to go.


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