Mapping session at Mech Repairs with Mark Adams

I had the ACT / Mark Adams Tornado tuning kit fitted to my Griff last month by David Batty. The kit included the higher flow rate spray pattern injectors, larger Bosch MAFM and updated Tornado EPROM. I already have the ACT carbon fibre plenum trumpets ACT manifolds, smooth bore induction hoses etc.

I booked a session with Rover V8 mapping guru Mark Adams at Mech Repairs in Cheltenham. The first couple of hours were spent with Mark and Brian from Mech completing a full diagnostic of the car. I was surprised at how much detail Mark and Brian went into testing the car before the mapping session. The ignition system, fuel system, EFI sensors and ECU, plugs and camshaft where all scrutinised. Mark and Brian did identify an issue with the coil, not outputting enough voltage, this was changed for a Bosch coil. Further inspection of the old coil showed that it was a non branded version and the seal had gone resulting in all the oil leaking out.

I asked Mark to run a power run on the car as is before any mapping took place as a control so I could see the difference once the car was mapped.

The initial run showed the car was running quite lean but was still making good power. Mark tells me that the dyno at Mech repairs reads about 21% under what most others do so based on the figure of 229BHP that equates to 277BHP which ties in with exactly what mine made on the North London Dyno at Griff Growl last year.

Initial Run

2013-04-05 Mech Repairs Dyno Initial Run

2013-04-05 Mech Repairs Dyno (2)

Mark increased the fueling and the power figure increased by 9BHP to 238BHP, but still running lean. Mark increased the fueling again and the BHP figure went up to 245BHP. Still not entirely happy Mark also adjusted the timing on the dizzy and now she was running spot on and made a final figure of 247BHP which + the 21% works out at 298.87BHP.

Final Run

2013-04-05 Mech Repairs Dyno Final Run

The following graph shows the before and after runs overlayed.


2013-04-05 Mech Repairs Dyno Run Comparison

I will be very interested to see what the car makes on the North London Dyno at the Growl this year.

More important than the increase of power is the fact that the car now drives very nicely indeed. The road manners are much improved, no shunting, no idle issues and no hunting. My car has always had an issue where if it is below freezing I cannot simply start the car and drive off I have to leave it running for a couple of minutes which amuses my neighbours no end. The reason for this is that if I go anywhere near the accelerator it floods and stalls. Since having Mark’s chip and custom map on there I can start the car and drive straight away without any issues. The car had also recently developed a very irritating idle issue where it would idle at 2k which made it very difficult to control at low speeds. I am pleased to report that this issue has also bee resolved.

For anyone thinking about having this done I whole hardheartedly recommend it. Watching Mark work his magic is fascinating and he certainly is a master of his craft.

So what next…..
Maybe a new cam, ACT twin throttle Carbon plenum and an Omex ignition processor to complement the 14CUX fueling. Probably not until next year now though.


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