Griffith Growl 2013 Dyno Run

I attended the Griffith Growl again this year, an annual event which sees a large number of owners meet at Ettington Chase.

Gary and Barry from North London Dyno were in attendance with their rolling road. Every year I put the Griff on the dyno to see if there is any difference from last year. Having upgraded the injectors, MAF and EPROM I was hoping for an increase on last year.

As Gary was driving the car onto the rollers Barry said that he thought the car smelt a bit rich. After completing two runs the graph indeed showed the car as running rich. Barry did comment that it didn’t look like a mapping issue but perhaps a fault elsewhere such as a sensor or a earth.

The figures were an improvement on last year with a max figures of 281.8BHP and torque 336ft/lb. As can be seen on the second graph the torque drops where the car is overfueling.

2013-07-07 North London Dyno 1 2013-07-07 North London Dyno 2

Despite the fact it is running rich the car still drives very nicely around town and certainly still pulls very well on full throttle so I will ask David Batty to have a look at the issue next time the car is in for a service.

HD link:

John Barrans TVR Griffith 500 posted an epic result of 308BHP with 376ft/lb torque! John has a similar setup to mine in the respect of the larger injectors, MAFM, Mark Adams EPROM but has recently rebuilt his engine and changed the standard cam with a TVR Power 885 cam.

Ian Rose was also at the Growl this year with his recently built John Eales 5.15lire engine. Most impressive of all was the JE X-over manifold with Jenvey individual throttle bodies. Certainly food for thought…

Ian Rose JE Throttle Bodies

David Gerald had a trade stand at the Growl this year and amongst various other products had his Griffith brake upgrade kit on display. I have always had in the back of my mind about a brake upgrade, the standard brakes are fine for road use but they do fade quickly on track and I do find the brakes lack feel in that they do not inspire confidence and do not have enough initial ‘bite’.

Most aftermarket brake upgrades feature 300mm discs with do not fit under the standard 15″ front wheels. I am not a massive fan of aftermarket wheels and intend on keeping the original TVR Estoril wheels. David Gerald’s Alcon kit features 295mm discs and does fit underneath the standard wheels furthermore it is a direct bolt on kit.

Here is a link to the product on David’s site:

04-08-2013 23-45-29


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