Brake Servo

I have recently noticed a hissing sound from the pedal box which stops when pressure is applied to the brake pedal. After posting on Pistonheads the general conciseness was that there was a vacuum leak somewhere between the plenum and the servo. This hissing has got worse over the last few weeks so I decided to take the car to my local TVR specialist in Southend, PR Woods.

Phil had a quick look at the issue when I dropped the car off and drew the same conclusion, that is was either the servo or the vacuum hose. Phil called me later that day to explain that he had checked the vacuum hose and it was fine which left the servo. Unfortunately the servo on the Griff is behind the pedal box and the only way to get at it is to take the pedal box out which is quite is challenging task.

The brake servo itself is from a Ford Mk3 Fiesta so I assumed that obtaining a part would be relatively straightforward. I was wrong, Ford discontinued the part in 2011 and since then stock has become very limited and prices have rocketed up from the dealer price of £142.61 in 2010 to £535.00!

Part Numbers
OE 1666345
Girling 4110328

Vehicle fitting information

Vehicle (All non ABS/RHD) Model Year Engine Capacity
Fiesta Mk II (FBD) – 1.3 (FBD) 09.83 – 01.87 1296
Fiesta Mk II (FBD) – 1.3 09.83 – 09.89 1297
Fiesta Mk II (FBD) – 1.6 D (FBD) 04.84 – 02.89 1608
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.0 03.89 – 12.95 1001
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.1 03.89 – 12.95 1119
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.1 03.89 – 12.95 1119
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.3 03.89 – 12.95 1297
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.3 03.89 – 12.92 1299
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.3 CAT 05.91 – 01.97 1299
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.4 03.89 – 12.95 1391
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.4 03.89 – 12.95 1391
Fiesta Mk III (GFJ) – 1.4 CAT 03.89 – 12.95 1391

With the help of fellow European TVR owners I searched Europe for a part to no avail. There was a second hand part available from a TVR scrap yard for £200 but given the complexity of the fitting the part (around 8 hours of labour) I wanted the assurance of a new part.

I didn’t particularly lavish the thought of paying over £500 for what is essentially a £100 part so Phil set about looking at alternatives. Phil sourced a Ford Ka servo which is fitted to the later TVR ‘T’ cars (Tuscan, Tamora, T350 etc) which is the same 9 inch diameter as the Ford Fiesta Mk3 unit. Upon further inspection the stud pattern was different to attach the the pedal box, the arm which connects to the brake pedal was shorter and the pin the operates the master cylinder was shorter. Although the pedal box side could more than likely to modified to work the master cylinder side would be very difficult leaving the best option to fit the master cylinder from the Ka as well. The problem with using the master cylinder from the Ka is that the reservoir would also need to be fitted which may not sit correctly in the inside wing.

I looked into companies which may be able to repair the servo. All the companies I spoke to where able to repair classic car servos as they are serviceable items, but most refused to repair the Mk3 Fiesta unit as it would need to be cut open and welded back together again. The one that did offer to try the work were not certain it would work but were willing to give it a go.

I didn’t like the idea of fitting a modified part to the braking system and I also was not sold on the idea of repairing the original. I decided to go for a new original servo and Phil managed to do a deal with Racetec where I got a new servo, brake master, clutch master and clutch slave at a reasonable price.

Phil and the team at PR Woods managed to turn the car around in 2 days once the parts had arrived. Fantastic job… cheers Phil.

The old servo was certainly looking past its best having rotted from the inside out.

Brake Servo


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