TVR Power Dyno Session

Following my writeup about the ACT twin throttle carbon fibre plenum I have been up to TVR Power and the car has been mapped by 14CUX guru Mark Adams.

Original plenum writeup

The last dyno result I had for the Griff was at the Growl in 2013 on North London Dyno rolling road. This was without the plenum and you can see the car was over fuelling so much so that the torque dripped.

2013-07-07 North London Dyno 1

Torque & AFR
2013-07-07 North London Dyno 2

2013 Griff Growl
Peak BHP – 226.6BHP Wheels (281.8 Flywheel)
Peak Torque – 342ft/lb

The twin throttle plenum and K&N flat panel filter were added in 2014 everything else on the car has remained the same since the dyno run in 2013. Mark Adams booked up a session at TVR Power yesterday to get the car mapped correctly with new plenum. I am always impressed with Mark’s work, peak power figures are all well and good when on full throttle but most importantly to me is how the car actually drives and this is where Mark excels, not only does he map the car for maximum power he also knows how to iron out all those annoyances such as shunting, hesitations, lumpy idles etc which become very tiresome around town and when stuck in traffic.

I have met Dom a few times but it was my first time up at Power and I was very impressed by the hospitality. Mark was mapping the car and Jason Oakley was operating the Dyno on the day so I had two TVR legends working on the car. After setting the car up Mark and Jason thoroughly checked the car over analysing the ignition and fuelling to make sure everything was working as it should. I asked Mark to perform a before and after run so I could compare.

TVR Power Dyno

First Run (before mapping)
2014-06-24 TVR Power Dyno Before

Final Run (after mapping)
2014-06-24 TVR Power Dyno After

After Mark had worked his magic and got the fuelling spot on the final run showed a further increase in BHP and torque.

2014 TVR Power
Peak BHP – 254.65BHP Wheels (309.95 Flywheel)
Peak Torque – 285.20ft/lb Wheels (347.15 Flywheel)

It is very difficult to accurately compare the pre plenum figures to post plenum as the readings are from different dynos on different days. The only way to accurately compare is to test back to back on the same dyno on the same day. Furthermore the fuelling was out in 2013 so the car would have certainly made more back then if this was sorted. TVR Power’s dyno figures where measured at the wheels whereas the Growl dyno measures at the wheels and then converts to a flywheel figure. The Growl Dyno Dynamics dyno read 226.6BHP at the wheels and converted this to a figure of 281.8BHP at the fly, as a percentage this works out as 21.7152%. I have applied the percentage to the TVR Power wheel BHP figures to compare flywheel figures:

Before plenum – Peak BHP – 226.6BHP Wheels (281.8 Flywheel)
After plenum – Peak BHP – 254.65BHP Wheels (309.95 Flywheel)

Having upgraded the AFM, injectors, fuel reg, plenum, trumpets and manifolds I am now in a position where there is no more power to be had from the original engine. Any further uplift in power will require an upgraded engine. Figures aside I am very pleased with the complete package, the car drives and performs well and I have the piece of mind that the fuelling is spot on so I can safely exercise the car on track.



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