Snetterton Track Day

Griff Snet

Seeing as a had such a good time at the Snetterton track day last year I decided to join my fellow TVR Pistonheaders on the Autumn Snetterton track day and at a very reasonable early booking price of £129 for all day Open Pit Lane.

The circuit for the track day was the full 3mile ‘300’ circuit which includes 2 fast straights and a number of more technical areas.

The noise limit for the day was 105dB static. Last year I just sneaked through the limit without the need for any additional cans. This year the same, the car was measured as 104dB much to the surprise of the MSV staff.

With the briefing and sighting laps out the way I waited 30 minutes for the initial rush to settle down and went out on track. The weather was fantastic and the track was bone dry. I managed to get through almost 2 tanks of fuel so a good day was had and the TVR performed impeccably.

As per usual my trusty GoPro was on hand and my friend had also lent me his so I was able to mount one to the front of the car and the other on my headrest mount had two mounted to the car. The first half is probably my tidiest lap. The second half starts with a rather ambitious overtake which ends up with me on the grass.

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A great day out and good to catch up with the usual TVR track day goers. I must look at replacing my tyres with a more track friendly compound when they are due as my Toyo T1Rs are great on the road and in wet conditions but seem to overheat on track. I have either some Toyo R1Rs or Yokohama AD08Rs in mind.

Griff Snet 2

Griff Snet 3


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