Brands Hatch Indy Track Day


Last track day of the year for me a cheap off peak weekday session at Brands Hatch. It is always a risk booking track time in winter and unfortunately luck was against me on the day as it rained heavily all day. The day was run by Javelin and as always the day was very well organised and the staff very helpful.

Fortunately I booked the day with the usual TVR crowd on PistonHeads so I had good company. The track was very greasy having recently been scrubbed due to a car leaking oil on a recent track day. No old rubber and wet weather resulted in a very slippery surface.

I only completed 21 laps in the end as the car was very difficult to control on the slippery surface and there had been many red flags that day with cars spinning off so I felt it would be best to quit while I was ahead rather than risk an expensive repair bill.

I did get a chance to try out a new iPhone app I have been playing with called Harry’s Lap Timer. The app uses the iPhone’s built in sensors to log G-force, location and speed and overlays the telemetry information onto recorded video footage. I must say I am very impressed with the app so far, the POI information is great where it displays the sector names and I like the minimum and maximum speed ticker.

Here is the lap analysis from the iPhone datalogging app, the green is the G-Force and the speeds shown in red are the minimum speeds through the corners and in green are the maximum speeds on the straights:

Here is some video footage of me driving very slowly around Brands Hatch:


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