Rear Brake upgrade

The rear brakes on my Griff were in need of some attention, I have had issues with intermittent binding over the last few years and as a result I managed to wear the pads down completely. The discs I believe are the originals from the factory and are heavily corroded so in need of replacement anyway.

As per usual I try to replace parts for upgraded items where I can so rather than OE I decided on a cheeky upgrade.

I already have the Alcon 4pot upgrade on the front of my Griff which I really like and fits under the 15″ OE wheel. The Alcon fill the front wheels nicely but the rears look a bit small now in comparison. After looking at various options and not wanting to upset the brake bias I decided to keep the original callipers and but go for bigger discs. My logic behind this is the brake bias was fine with OE front and rear, bias was fine with the 4pots on the front and OE on the back, so a larger disc on the back with OE callipers will bring this a little further back to OE so bias still fine. In theory!

I decided on the the Reyland 300mm rotor upgrade. I know a number of other owners who have had this fitted and are happy with it. It is also the same kit the Cossie boys use on their cars and there did not seem to be any complaints on their forums. I quick chat with Martin at Reyland and the kit was ordered.


I also decided to get the brake callipers refurbished and the brake build changed. Rather than sending them to one of the usual companies that specialise in brake calliper refurbishment I opted to use a TVR local specialist with experience in this area. Jody from Jody at Python Racing offers this service and has done a number of calliper rebuilds for various TVRs. I had asked him to match as closely as possible the original grey finish on Alcon 4 pot brakes I have fitted to the front.

Very impressed with the service and the end result….


The kit fitted:


Front (existing Alcon kit):



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