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Millbrook Proving Ground


As part of the TVRCC 50th Anniversary the TVR Car Club hired out Millbrook Proving Ground, apparently the first owners club to hire out the venue.

A very rare opportunity to drive the private tracks at Millbrook in my own car was an opportunity not to be missed.

Tracks on offer were the Alpine handling circuit, 2 mile bowl and the 1 mile straight.

What a brilliant day it was; sunshine, TVRs and tracks to play on.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.01.55MillbrookThanks to Colin Haycock for the 2 above photographs.


Alpine Circuit
Unfortunately my good friend Dave’s Griff expired on the 2m bowl, later transpires 3 slipped liners. I chucked him the keys to mine to have a go on the Alpine circuit, result was quite spectacular…

Even more spectacular when you put this side by side with footage from one of the Millbrook instructors on the same course in a Caterham…


1 Mile Straight


2Mile Bowl



Goodwood Circuit Track Day

I attended the Hampshire TVRCC Goodwood track day earlier this month. £185 for a 105dB whole day at Goodwood circuit seemed like an opportunity too good to miss.

Goodwood Circuit

I love Goodwood, and it is a privilege to be able to drive the track. There was even a 2 seater Spitfire taking lucky people out, very surreal racing around the circuit with various aircraft taking off and landing over the track, very distracting when one of those aircraft is a Spitfire.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 23.00.53

There very not very many cars at the track day at all and only 2 other TVRs so I managed to get in many laps. When I added up the laps recorded on the two datalogging apps I had been testing it turned out that I had completed 93 laps, no wonder I got through 4 tanks of fuel!

I finally managed to get Harry’s Lap Timer and the GoPro working together and here is the result, I am very impressed with the telemetry overlay and picture in picture. The GPS does lag a bit using the smartphone’s internal GPS but short of a full blown data logger is works well:

Final Session

Instruction was free on the day so I took up the opportunity. The instructor was adamant that I could take Fordwater flat in 5th which eventually I plucked up the courage to do, I didn’t get it quite right and had a bit of a wobble at 120MPH, made worse be me lifting off. It didn’t come out too well on video but you can see the car lose stability.

Fordwater wobble at 120MPH

There was a stunning Porsche Carrera RS in attendance, I didn’t get a chance to chat with the owner which was a shame but I did get the opportunity to follow it on track, copying the drivers’s lines resulted in my fastest lap of the day, 01:37.32

Following a Porsche Carrera RS

Goodwood Circuit

Nice bit of lap analysis from Harry’s Lap Timer:

Goodwood Circuit

This was the second trackday with the Yoko AD08Rs tyres, I really pushed them and I can confirm they stick like shit to a blanket…. 120MPH pulling 1G.

Goodwood Circuit

Goodwood is a quite a fast circuit and with continued abuse the tyres did start to melt a bit, no where near as bad as the T1Rs should I add.


Brands Hatch Indy Track Day


Last track day of the year for me a cheap off peak weekday session at Brands Hatch. It is always a risk booking track time in winter and unfortunately luck was against me on the day as it rained heavily all day. The day was run by Javelin and as always the day was very well organised and the staff very helpful.

Fortunately I booked the day with the usual TVR crowd on PistonHeads so I had good company. The track was very greasy having recently been scrubbed due to a car leaking oil on a recent track day. No old rubber and wet weather resulted in a very slippery surface.

I only completed 21 laps in the end as the car was very difficult to control on the slippery surface and there had been many red flags that day with cars spinning off so I felt it would be best to quit while I was ahead rather than risk an expensive repair bill.

I did get a chance to try out a new iPhone app I have been playing with called Harry’s Lap Timer. The app uses the iPhone’s built in sensors to log G-force, location and speed and overlays the telemetry information onto recorded video footage. I must say I am very impressed with the app so far, the POI information is great where it displays the sector names and I like the minimum and maximum speed ticker.

Here is the lap analysis from the iPhone datalogging app, the green is the G-Force and the speeds shown in red are the minimum speeds through the corners and in green are the maximum speeds on the straights:

Here is some video footage of me driving very slowly around Brands Hatch:

North Weald Car Limits Activity Day

Another great day with the Car Limits team at North Weald Airfield. Still only £49 per car for a whole days hooning fun.

The weather was better than usual this time, this is the first time I have been to North Weald when it has not been freezing cold and wet.

Dave gave a great display in his Griff showboating around the course….

Me driving my Griff

External footage of my Griff

Snetterton Track Day

2013-11-16 Snetterton (1)

Every year I promise myself I will book a track day, then before I know it the year is almost over and yet another year goes past not having done a track day.

With the nights drawing in this year was looking to be condemned to the same fate as the previous years. Mid October I find myself perusing PistonHeads TVR forum and I spot a post for an Autumn track day at Snetterton. A number of fellow TVR owners had already booked up so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make good on the promise of a track day.

Snetterton is famous for hosting the British Touring Car Championship and is currently the UK’s newest circuit having recently undergone a multi-million pound redevelopment. The circuit for the track day was the full 3mile ‘300’ circuit which includes 2 fast straights and a number of more technical areas.


The noise limit for the day was 105dB static. I purchased a couple of track day bolt on silencers from ACT as I know mine is louder having measured it at North Weald a couple of weeks previously. The ACT silencers arrived the day after I ordered them, thanks Tim. The silencers fit over the 2.5″ exhaust pipes and are held in place by U bolt clamps. A clever design and the usual good quality product I have come to expect from ACT.

ACT Track Day

Upon arriving at the track I attended the briefing and then went to have the Griff noise tested. I thought I would give the test a go without the silencers. I was expecting to be laughed at and told I was far too noisy but much to my surprise the gentleman told me I was right on the limit and told me the car had passed (just).  I wasn’t expecting that but I wasn’t going to argue!

Onto the track for the compulsory sighting laps, which seemed to be quite fast on what was a damp track.

Once the track was open everyone piled on and the track was quite busy. I gave it 30 minutes to allow the track to dry out and for the initial rush to settle down. I went out on track for a few laps taking it very easy to familairse myself with the track and the pace. The etiquette on track was very good and despite there being a wide range of machinery on track, some very serious everyone for abided  by the rules of no overtaking on corners and keeping to the right on the straights to let the faster cars through.

When I booked the track day I also booked the optional tuition, it turns out that the instructor was also a TVR Griffith owner. The instruction was very worthwhile and gave me a lot more confidence in the car and how to carry more speed through the corners by taking the right lines. By the afternoon I was actually overtaking other cars!

2013-11-16 Snetterton

Snetterton is a fast circuit and I was reaching an indicated 125MPH on Bentley staight and 115MPH on Senna straight. Unfortunately my standard brakes were not fairing too well and were overheating after about 5 or so laps, not that this spoilt my enjoyment as I enjoyed a nice blend of driving my own car and also having passenger rides in others. If I decide I want to do a number of track days a year I may need to consider at changing the pads or perhaps a full brake upgrade.

The track day is one of the best events I have done in the Griff and I really should have got the on the track years ago.  Being able to share the experience with some of my TVR friends really made the day, also a great opportunity to meet a few new faces who I have spoken to on forums but never actually met face to face.

Anyone who is considering getting their Tiv out on track but has not made it yet, I thoroughly recommend it.

Griffith Growl 2013 Dyno Run

I attended the Griffith Growl again this year, an annual event which sees a large number of owners meet at Ettington Chase.

Gary and Barry from North London Dyno were in attendance with their rolling road. Every year I put the Griff on the dyno to see if there is any difference from last year. Having upgraded the injectors, MAF and EPROM I was hoping for an increase on last year.

As Gary was driving the car onto the rollers Barry said that he thought the car smelt a bit rich. After completing two runs the graph indeed showed the car as running rich. Barry did comment that it didn’t look like a mapping issue but perhaps a fault elsewhere such as a sensor or a earth.

The figures were an improvement on last year with a max figures of 281.8BHP and torque 336ft/lb. As can be seen on the second graph the torque drops where the car is overfueling.

2013-07-07 North London Dyno 1 2013-07-07 North London Dyno 2

Despite the fact it is running rich the car still drives very nicely around town and certainly still pulls very well on full throttle so I will ask David Batty to have a look at the issue next time the car is in for a service.

HD link:

John Barrans TVR Griffith 500 posted an epic result of 308BHP with 376ft/lb torque! John has a similar setup to mine in the respect of the larger injectors, MAFM, Mark Adams EPROM but has recently rebuilt his engine and changed the standard cam with a TVR Power 885 cam.

Ian Rose was also at the Growl this year with his recently built John Eales 5.15lire engine. Most impressive of all was the JE X-over manifold with Jenvey individual throttle bodies. Certainly food for thought…

Ian Rose JE Throttle Bodies

David Gerald had a trade stand at the Growl this year and amongst various other products had his Griffith brake upgrade kit on display. I have always had in the back of my mind about a brake upgrade, the standard brakes are fine for road use but they do fade quickly on track and I do find the brakes lack feel in that they do not inspire confidence and do not have enough initial ‘bite’.

Most aftermarket brake upgrades feature 300mm discs with do not fit under the standard 15″ front wheels. I am not a massive fan of aftermarket wheels and intend on keeping the original TVR Estoril wheels. David Gerald’s Alcon kit features 295mm discs and does fit underneath the standard wheels furthermore it is a direct bolt on kit.

Here is a link to the product on David’s site:

04-08-2013 23-45-29