The car to has undergone a number of subtle enhancements to improve driveability, performance and reliability. Importantly for me the look of the car remains completely original.

Here is a list of the modifications, items in underlined text are hyperlinks which if clicked will take you to the relevant blog post for further information

Mechanical – Induction
ACT Twin Throttle Carbon Fibre Plenum
ACT AFM to Air Filter Hose
ACT 44mm Carbon Fibre Superflare Trumpets
ACT Inlet Thermal Gasket

Mechanical – ECU & Fueling
Mark Adams Tornado ECU EPROM – Mapped at TVR Power
Magnecor 8mm Ignition Leads
Mark Adams Bosch Fuel Injectors (0280155931)
Mark Adams Bosch AFM (0280218010)
Mark Adams Bosch 3bar Fuel Regulator (0280160291)

Mechanical – Misc
TVR Power 885 camshaft
Mulfab baffled sump
ACT Silicone Rocker Breather Hose Kit
Clevor Trevor Alloy Power Steering Tank
Leven Alloy Water Bottle Cap
John Zubak Black Silcone Plenum Breather Hose
John Zubak S/S Braided PAS hoses
Leven Jump Start Kit (Anderson Connector)
Leven Alloy Oil Cap
PointCNC Alloy Rocker Breather
RT Racing body off chassis restoration (2009)
Steve Heath Mk2 Bonnet Stay

Cooling System
RADTEC Alloy 4 Core Radiator
ACT Stainless Steel Coolant Pipes
ACT Silicone Coolant Hoses
ACT Stainless Steel Heater Rails

Suspension & Brakes
Bilstein B6 Mk4 suspension upgrade [Gas Monotubes with Eibach Springs] (2012)
Leven Technology Front and rear drop links
David Gerald 295mm Alcon front brake kit
ATE Blue DOT5.1 Brake Fluid
Ferrodo DS2500 brake pads all round
McGard Wheel Locks
Standard TVR Estoril Wheels refurbished by Lepson

Exhaust System
ACT Stainless Steel Cherry Bomb Exhaust
ACT Stainless Steel Replica Manifolds
V8 Enhancements Exhaust Y-Piece

Alarm System
Carl Baker Installed Meta 3 CAT1 Alarm & Immobiliser System Upgrade
Carl Baker Electronic Boot Release & Integrated Key Fob Conversion

Peter Wiggins Walnut Burr Replacement Dashboard
Pioneer DEH-80PRS Reference Stereo Head Unit
Nardi Personal Steering Wheel
Leven Alloy Pedals
Leven Alloy Door Reflectors
Leven Alloy Fuel Cap
Leven Alloy Steering Column Stalks
Leven Alloy Wiper Delay Knob
Leven Alloy Steering Column Adjuster

Leven High Specification Badges







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