Recommended Suppliers

Below is a list of suppliers which I have had a good experience with and that I personally recommend:


ACT Performance Products – Tim Lamont

Designer and manufacturer of specialist TVR  induction, performance, cooling and exhaust components. I have a number of ACT parts and have been very impressed with quality and finish.

Tel: 01342 311790


Carl Baker TVR

TVR alarm guru with over 16 years experience specializing in TVR alarms systems and wiring.

Tel: 0333 7007 121


Leven Technology

Designer and manufacturer of specialist TVR quality engineered accessories. I have purchased a number of Leven accessories for my car and I find that components such as the solid aluminum indicators stalks are massive improvement over the OEM plastic items.

Tel: 01664 481065


The Garage – David Batty

A family owned business in Godalming Surrey, David Batty and his son Darren I trust to look after my TVR servicing and maintenance needs.

Tel: 01483 811995


Tornado Systems – Mark Adams

Engine Management Guru with over 24 years experience purely with Rover V8 engines, over 6,000 cars mapped and thousands of hours of dedicated dynamometer work. Mark has comprehensive access to the software inside the Lucas systems, and the tools originally used to develop the engine.

Tel: 01694 720144


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